Crane Trucks

Our fleet includes three flatbed crane trucks, two fitted with HIAB cranes with maximum reaches between 10m and 15m, and one crane truck with one of SA’s longest and highest capacity tray-mounted cranes (a Palfinger PK34002) – at 21m reach and 5 tonne capacity.

In terms of tray size, two of the crane trucks are Heavy Rigid (HR) size, able to carry 24 tonne GVM, and we also have two Semi Trailer (Heavy Combination or HC) size vehicles (one fitted with the Palfinger 21m crane), capable of carrying 40 tonne GVM on the tray and trailer.

21 Metre Crane



15 Metre Crane

Hiab XS 15m Hiab XS 15m load graph

Truck Specifications

Truck Capacity (GVM) Tray size On Board
1 40,000 2.5m x 15.0m Palfinger PK34002 Remote Crane
2 24,000 2.5m x 8.0m Hiab Crane
3 24,000 2.5m x 8.0m Hiab Crane
4 24,000 2.5m x 7.5m Moffett Forklift
5 24,000 2.5m x 9.5m Manitou Forklift (inc trailer)
6 40,000 2.5m x 15.0m Iveco Semi Trailer

Photos Gallery

15M Crane

21M Crane

15M Crane Video21M Crane Video

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