This is the first of seven beams to be installed on this Mawson Lakes property.

Whatever your need, whenever your need, we can help you. No mater how early the start, or whether it’s a Sunday, we are your trusted, reliable and available transport services provider.

Getting this rig in off a Main Road was good work

Getting this rig in off a Main Road was good work

Fork & Cranes have been getting into some real tight spots lately, with the most impressive being the above effort from Mark with the Semi Trailer Crane Truck. Couldn’t have been more than a couple of centimetres either side! That takes some expert driving precision, especially with an articulated vehicle with such a long trailer. The customer was obviously very impressed, and this allowed us to drop the heavy load of Hebel off right where the scaffolding crew needed it. Well done all round.


In a first for our Adelaide Crane Truck business, we have lifted and transported a yacht from a property in the Adelaide Hills to the water at Outer Harbour. This lift needed all the technical ability of Eddie and the team, to first lift the load correctly, and then ensure the load was positioned effectively and safely on the tray, to make the long journey.

We used our 15 Metre Hiab crane for the job, which proved effective and efficient. Another day, another happy customer.

Our brand new interstate-capable Semi-Trailer recently took the epic journey to the Pilbara mining region in Western Australia, delivering a valuable payload for a customer. Two of our drivers did switch shifts and managed the entire return journey in four days.